Fees & Requirements

Adoption fees often include—things like vet exams and tests, treatment for worms and fleas, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchips, and in dire cases, surgeries that may have been necessary. You may have to pay the shelter as much as a few hundred dollars to take home your new pet.
Given all this, it may be quite a bargain given what the rescue has provided a pet prior to your adoption.

Adopters of cats and dogs from Pets-To-Go are pre-certified for pet health insurance for their furry friends. Upon adoption, Companion Protect offers immediate coverage for those expensive surgeries, treatments, and illnesses that may surprise a pet parent. The policy provides up to 90% coverage for eligible veterinary costs and includes free annual wellness exams. The program helps prepare new pet parents with unexpected veterinary costs and ensures your pet has access to proper medical care.


Visit www.CompanionProtect.com to speak with an agent and learn more.