Spay-Neuter Clinic

Spaying and Neutering

Here are some basics:
Your female pet will live a longer, healthier life.
Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, which is fatal in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Fixing your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases.

Neutering provides major health benefits for your male pet.
Besides preventing unwanted litters, neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer, if done before six months of age.

and Much, Much more…


Your Community:
Communities spend millions of dollars to take care of unwanted animals. Irresponsible breeding and pet owners contribute to the problem and the problem becomes reliant on a community member to trap and bring stray to a rescue or spay and neuter clinic to reduce the cycle of unwanted animals.

Community Cat Program 


A group of feral cats huddled together to keep warm, near the wall of an old abandoned home. Taken during -28C weather.

Help Feral and stray cats (information source: Humane Association of the United States) – community cat program